Thank you for shopping with us. We hope you love your jewelry as much as we enjoyed putting it together to suit your needs and style.

Please read through our Returns and Refunds Policy:

  • Returns are not accepted after 36 hours in your care.
  • Any damage to the jewelry before 36 hours would be attended to.
  • Returns would not be accepted if jewelry clearly meets the specifications as described in the product details and images shown.
  • At this time we don't offer refunds, but exchange
  • If for certain reasons, you're not satisfied with the jewelry you got as a result of damages, an exchange would be offered to you.
  • Any other reasons asides from damages may be accepted at the discretion of a staff

We appreciate the time taken to read through our policies.

We apologize if these policies are too strict for you, but given the nature of our products we need to ensure that certain standards are kept to.

Thanks again for shopping with us!